French Beach – Karachi:

When you are in the Karachi, French Beach is the first in list to must visit beaches in Pakistan. It is located in between the Hawkes Bay and the Paradise Point. Here you can rent a hut to spend your day in calmness and quite place. Or you are given with the opportunity to take part in the activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.

As per the locals, it is a great place to visit, as it is total at the distance of 45 minute drive. You can also do fishing here.

Astola Beach – Baluchistan:

Astola is on the second number of our list of 10 best beaches in Pakistan. It is one of the largest offshore island of Pakistan. In order to reach here, you can make use of the motorized boats. Those who love the nature, should visit this place. You will find that this place is a home to coral reef.

This is a good place to set your day trips while finding a lot gorgeous cliffs, untouched beaches and marine creatures.

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Ormara Beach - Baluchistan:

This beach is also located in the Baluchistan (the largest province of Pakistan by area). This beach is located in the port city of Ormara. It is said that the Alexander great lived in this place for a few days with his army. There are numerous exciting activities. You can enjoy the bike riding, boat riding and other supports.

While having the excitement here, you should take care about the emergeny supplies, as there are no phone signals and street bulbs at night in this place.

Paddi Zirr – Balochistan:

Paddi Zirr is considered as one of those places, where photos clicked need none of the retouching. The popularity of this beach is related to its picturesque quality. It is the perfect place, where you can see the fishermen along with their boats. Moreover, the other scenes like exhibit in movies can also be seen here.

Sandspit Beach - Karachi:

Sadnspit beach in Karachi is one of those places, where you should visit with your whole family. Except Monsoon season, the waters here is relatively calm. Here there are exciting doings like Horse Riding and Camel Riding. If you are nature lover and want to see Green and Olive Ridley Turtles, you should visit here. An instituion, by the Pakistan Government, named WWF is now working to protect these creatures. The turtles move out of the water here and spend their time and lay eggs in the sand.

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Ras Mauri – Karachi:

Ras Mauri beach is also known as the Cape Mount. This is the beach, where the waves of water from the Arabian Sea washes the ashore.  Here you can find the activities like banana boat ride, snorkeling and camel rides.

Paradise Point:

This area is specifically known for the hotels and retaurants. Paradise point is one of the popular and well known beach of the Pakistan. It is located besides the Arabian sea in Karachi. The shore is surrounded with the landscape and mountains. It was a natural rock arch in the sea, but now it is collapsed, and the sea has move forward.

Kund Malir – Balochistan:

Kund Malir is famous sandy beach of Baluchistan. It is located in the Hingol National Park. If you want to observe nature in depth, this is the place, all alone from the hustle of the busy city life. Moreover, there is no such a crowd in this place. But sadly, it is also the thing that there are no emegency supplies in this area. So, if you are thinking to visit this place, you should be careful about your backpack.

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Gadani Beach – Balochistan:

Gadani Beach is full of the smooth sand. Near Gadani Beach is the world largest ship breaking yard, also known as the Gadani Ship Breaking Yard. It is considered as the “Graveyard” of the large ships.

Sea View Beach:

Last but not least in our list of 10 best beaches in Pakistan is Clifton Sea View Beach. It is provided with the floodlights, so you can visit here both at the day and night time. You can also find the stalls of yummy and spicy traditional Pakistani food, here.