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Blog and Blogging

A blog is an online diary where one can share his ideas, thoughts, and experiences. A blog is always visible to the world to read one's thoughts, Ideas, and Experience.   So, a blog can be considered as a website managed by only one person.


Blogging is a general and widely used term which means to "write on the blog". A person who writes is known to be a blogger. Blogging is more common since the start of the Internet.

How to start blogging?

The most common and basic question for noobs and new-comers is that how to start blogging? Don't get confused.

One can start a blog in 6 Simple Steps:

Choose the niche

Choose a name (domain) for your Blog

Choosing a Platform or CMS(Content Management System) for your Blog

Selecting a Host and Hosting Plan

Responsive and Good looking theme

Start writing the loving content for your viewers and readers

Choosing a Niche

The first step in question "how to start blogging?" is to choose a niche for blogging. A niche defines what type of content your blog website is going to have. As every person have knowledge in some specific field. Moreover, the interests of every person are different. So, there are different niches for different peoples. The first and most important step in creating a blog to make money is to choose a niche in which you are an expert. Choosing a specific niche is important as it helps you in creating the content. When you have the knowledge, you can easily create quality content.

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Choosing a Domain Name

The second step in "how to start blogging?" is to choose a domain name. A domain name reflects the niche of your blog to the readers and the visitors. You must be very careful in choosing a domain name.

While looking for a domain name, you should keep the following points in mind. 

  • Your domain has high-quality extension like .com, .net, .in, .pk etc.
  • Your domain is easy to read.
  • The domain you select is easy to remember.
  • A domain must be short (It should not be too lengthy).

Choosing a Platform (CMS)

3rd step in "how to start blogging?" is to choose a perfect match of platform or content management system (CMS). A CMS allows you to manage your content in a proper way. There are many CMS  present in the market. In the past, there was no powerful content management system. But, now, all needs can be covered with a content management system. Some of the most used CMS's in the online market are WordPress.orgWix.comTYPO3JoomlaDrupalContao.

You can also choose some basic blogging platforms such as blogger.comwordpress.com, or some others. These free blogging platforms enable you to publish your content or blog without any investment in domain and hosting. In addition, these platforms provide you with a basic sub-domain for free.

Selecting a Host

When you have selected a CMS, the next step in creating a blog to make money is to select a quality host. There are many hosting companies that are serving their best. But you have to choose one that provides you with quality service. Some of the most popular hosts are Bluehost, Dreamhost, Namecheap, GoDaddy & Hostinger. Selecting a hosting company depends on your budget and satisfaction. But you must such a hosting plan that serves you the best.

While selecting a hosting plan, you should look for the following things.

  • Look for the first year price and the renewal cost for upcoming years
  • The hosting plan meets your required disk space.
  • SSL certificate for your domain
  • Auto-Backup Supported
  • Must have enough Bandwidth
  • 24/7 Support 

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Responsive and Good looking theme

When you have created a blog, the next step in "how to start blogging?" is to choose a theme. You must choose such a theme that meets the best of your blog requirement. In addition, you should always go for a premium theme. Premium themes not only provide you with quality but also with support. You can also find some of the free themes but there are always limitations in using a free one. Moreover, the premium theme helps you better in the ranking.

Creating Loving and Engaging Content

The second last step in creating a blog to make money is to upload quality content. You must upload such content that has the potential to build a community around your blog. In other words, your content should be unique and knowledgeable. When someone gets something amazing, he will back again to your site with more audience. Its mean, quality of blog content not only inspires a reader but it also inspires him to promote your blog. Above all, it also helps you to get a distinction with your competitors.

How to create loving and high-ranking Content?

If you have a question, "how hard is to make money by blogging" then you will find that if you have created the best content. It is no hard to make money by blogging.

Keep the following points in your mind while creating the content:

  • Make an Idea for your blog post
  • Search for the keywords according to your idea
  • Write SEO friendly article by placing the keywords
  • Assist your keywords with synonyms and LSI words
  • Apply high quality-related images compressed for web use
  • Use Videos and Images where they needed

How to make money? Blogging

When you work hard, then you should get paid for it. Two years before, when I was new in blogging, I want to start a blog but I didn't have the knowledge. I also have some other questions that how hard is it to make money by blogging? But with the passage of time, I get into the field and work hard to get this knowledge. Finally, I am going to reveal how you can make money by blogging?

As everyone is creating a blog to make money, so we should also know the multiple ways to make money by blogging? As a noob, every newcomer thinks that one can earn through his blog only by Ads or Ads Network. But, keep it in mind, that there are several ways to earn from blogging. When you have decided, that I want to start a blog, you should look for these ways of earning.

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5 ways to earn from Blogging:

  • Ads Networks
  • Affiliate Links
  • Selling Your Own Products
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Writing Sponsored Articles

Ads Networks:

The first way to earn money from your blog is by using the Ads Network. Many of the Ads Networks are providing bloggers with Ads. These Ads Networks ask you to place ads on your blog or website and in return, you get paid for ads impressions on your blog. There are several CPM and CPC bids depending on your Ads Network.

One of the famous and most used highly paying Ads Network is Google Adsense. As it is a product of Google, so this is the most trusted Ads Network among all. In Advance, Google Adsense has the highest CPM and CPC bids. Additionally, it has strict terms and policies. Another Ads Network is InfoLink.It helps you to set a variety of ads on your blog website. After the above two, Media.net has its importance but this Ads Network allows you to show ads only if you have enough traffic from europian countries on your blog. Some of the other Ad networks are also available. But all ads networks except above, pay you the least as compared to the mentioned above.

Popup Ads are also used on some sites, but mostly pop-up Ads disturb the user experience of your audience. So it is recommended, that you should not use such ads.

You can also earn from your blog by using affiliate links. Affiliate links are the hyper reference links to another website or store where you are registered as an affiliate. When you have enough audience to feed with your content, affiliate links are the best option. Affiliate links help you to increase your side income by getting a commission on each sale made by you. Many of the websites are available to see you as their affiliate. Firstly, you just have to get registered as an affiliate on their site. Secondly, put the affiliate links in your loving content to make sales and earn money.

Selling your own Products:

When I want to start a blog, I have no idea about selling your own products. But, later on, it revealed to me that I can make money by selling my own products through my blog. Wait, first to know How it works?

When you have an audience that reads and loves your content, you can start this business. For example; You are running a blog on beauty and you have mentioned some scrub or cream in your content. Now if the reader has made the mind to buy but he can not find the way to buy it. He would ask you; where to buy it? You can put a link to your own product for selling. It will not only get your reader's satisfaction but it will also build a strong bonding of your reader to your blog.

Sponsored Ads along with an ad network, enhance the total revenue of your blog to a peak. The working way of sponsored ads is simple. Ads networks display ads on their own choice but you can also generate income by displaying static ads of a company. There are various companies, wanting to widen their brand, will hire some space on your blog to list their brand. In return, you get an increase in your blog income.

Writing Sponsored Articles:

Writing sponsored articles is another way to make money from your blog or website. Highly nominated brands and companies hire you to write a sponsored article about their brand. Such articles highlight their success, trust, and quality. While you get the cash for your job and space of your blog.

How hard is it to make money by Blogging

Blogging is not only a passion but it is also a profession. As blogging leads you to be a millionaire, but often this question is asked by newcomers; How hard is it to make money by Blogging?  For the first time, when I want to start a blog, I have the same question too. But now I have got it that it's hardworking but not too hard.

Making money in any way is not an easy job but blogging is such a field where you can earn a huge amount with one time hard work. Making money through blogging is tough work but not too hard. When you made a static content, it pays you for a long time. All the jobs in the world give you quick and fast results. But on the other hand, blogging supports your economy after 4 to 6 months of hard work. After 8 to 12 months, your supportive income increases with an increase in the quantity of content.

On the internet, one can also choose from other ways to make money online but in all of them, you need to be consistent and hard working.


Finally, I have come to the point that I have delivered you basic guidance about blogging. I think if you are thinking of creating a blog to make money. Then you can start with this basic information. The topic "how to start a blog?" has come to an endpoint and I want to guide you that you will get success in blogging only when you made your mind to learn new things. And if you are a noob (newcomer), then keep visiting the Chillitos.net as we are providing here the best of knowledge to get you rich by using technology.