The speed issue is mainly faced by beginners or those, who are not experts. But still, there are some technicals, who are facing the issue. It is mainly caused by the negligence or settings mistakes. But the question is why should you need a fast loading website? The answer is quite reasonable; The faster loading websites rank better than low loading websites. It means your site speed directly relate your SEO.

Hello, this is Saqib Ramzan . I’m a Blogger, SEO and Blogs Writer. Today, I will share the personal guidance to improve your WordPress loading speed? Not guaranteed to 100%, But I’m sure that 99% of you will get the best results, if you follow the instructions mentioned in this article.

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So, without any further discussion, let’s dive into the article;

What are possible causes of low loading speed WordPress website?

There could be many reasons, that are causing your website to load slowly. Below is the list of the possible reasons that are reducing your site speed;

Initial Server Response

Highly Sized Theme Files

Highly Sized Images

Iframes and Embedded Content

No CDN Serving

No Caching At All

By reducing these above causes, you may be able to boost your site speed. To optimize each cause mentioned above, you have to follow a different rules. In such a condition, there are two situations. First one, you have a build website with content live on the site. While on the other hand, you have a new site and want to optimize it by start. No matter, you are in what situation, the given solution will rock out your performance and website speed.

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How to Increase WordPress Website Loading Speed?

You can improve the speed of your site to green the GTMetrix results and Google Page Speed Insights, by following the instructions given below.

High-End Hosting:

The first and foremost thing while considering your site speed is hosting. If you have done all the steps given after, but you don’t have a valuable host, if won’t work. Most of the sites, behave badly because they are hosted on a cheap and low end host. Moreover, many of the hosting companies in start offer and claims the best services, but later their speed or intial server response is too much bad. The cloud hosting is recommended for professional sites. But, as concerned with WordPress general site, you can go with a WordPress shared hosting offered by various companies. In popular hosting companies, Host Gator, Dream Host, Blue Host and Site Ground are serving their best. But as concerned to high loading speed, SiteGround is best among the all.

Serve Via Cloudflare CDN:

The next thing to do is to serve your site via Cloudflare. In general, cloudflare has many of the packages. But, if you are not willing to pay for cloudflare, go with a free basic package. It will have a huge effect on your site performance. The use of CDN will improve your site performance upto 20%. If you are using Siteground Hosting for WordPress, if offers you with global CDN. If you have hosting CDN, you can connect your site to that.

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Install Cache Plugins:

A cache plugin work best to serve the frequently visiting pages by caching in user’s browser. It reduce the frequent data requests from a client browser to the server. In this result, the pages are served at a high speed, boosting your site performance. There are many of the cache plugins are available in WordPress directory. Some are present in both free and premium versions. The top cache plugins include WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache Plugin.

Minify Files (CSS and Javascript):

The next step is to minify and reduce the size of your code files. You may have different options regarding the files size reduction. But the recommended method to minify the files size is by using plugin. There are many of the recommended plugins. Some of the popular plugins in this regard include Asset CleanUp Pro and Perfmatters.

Images Optimization:

Images often put a burden and reduces the site speed to a vast ranges. The best practice for images is to serve them in next generation format i.e. Webp. By default, WordPress doesn’t support Webp format for images. You have to install some plugin for this. The other thing in images optimization is to apply lazy load . There are many of the plugins like WP Smush Pro, Image Lazy Load and EMWWW are present. You can go with the most suitable plugin for you.