Kalam Valley:

One of the best vacation destination’s in the Pakistan is the Kalam Valley. People from all around the globe and especially from the country visit this place during the whole year. Kalam is a tremendous place with many of the joyful activities, natural scenery, and highest mountains around it. You will find the breath taking mountains and water falls, all around you, when you are in the Kalam Valley.

Kalam river flow in this valley, which is in actual the melted snow water from the peaks of the mountains. Many of the people says, that this water is too much healthy and bestowed with the recovery powers. In Kalam valley, one of the best place to visit is Kundal valley. You can make your way to the lake via a jeep or on foot.

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Kumrat Valley:

Another real and natural jewel of Swat Valley is Kumrat Valley. With mind blowing mountain peaks, and high speed streams, this place is just awesome. It is advised to visit this valley during the late spring season, when there is the greenery all around and climate is quite good.

During the summer days, the temprature went to 20 centigrate, which is quite normal. However, in the winter season, it goes below to -4 to -10 degrees making everything to get freezed. By locals, Upper Dir-Kumrat is a undiscovered place for those, who are curious and have adventurous nature.

Malam Jabba:

When you are in the swat, how should you miss Malam Jabba. The very beautiful land mark is one of the best places to visit in Swat. This city is quite impressive and very famous around the whole of the country.

However, by population, it is a small town, that attracted a large amount of the tourists around it. If you are thinking to visit this place, you wouldn’t regret. There are many activites here, especially for the tourist.

By now, to attract tours, an emergin inciative was taken of sky diving. Similarly, there is a special festival arranged for the tourist, where many of the activities are present. This valley is at the distance of 292km from the capital of Pakistan “Islamabad”.

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Not so famous, and yet available in its natural form, Bahrain is the city that is provided with unbeatable beauty and scenic landscape. With the loads of attractions and activities, it also attracts a lot of the visitors visiting the Swat Valley.

If you are in this place, and want to have some relaxation. You can put your way towards the marina garden. It is the best place to chill out and relax. The best places here to visit include Marina Garden Park, and the Dolphin Resort.


At the distance of 13 kilometers from Saidu Shareef, this is among the most beautiful and best places to visit in Swat – Pakistan. With eye-catchy mountains, scenic valleys, and greenery this is an awesome place. Even its name “Marghuzar” literally means the “the green land”, shows that it is a quite amazing place.

Here you will find the most famous water springs of Koh-e-Elam (a hil that is more than 10 thousands feet). From the Khandala, and Kadona tracks, this place is the rich green resort place. It is also the door to another amazing valley, Elum Valley.

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Saidu Sharif:

With impressive mountains, and busy life city with tall buildings, Saidu Sharif is a beautiful city of Swat Valley. It is quite to the north of the valley. The recent work on the Pakistan toursim, made this city a landing spot for the tourists.

More importantly, it provides the way to the impressive Marghuzar and other valleys. The name of city was set behind the name of a sain Saidu Baba, a popular figure in the Swat’s Yusufzai district. It is also enriched with the social, historical and archeological spots to visit.

You can also gaze at the Hindu Kush Mountains right from the Saidu Sharif’s valley. Which is another attraction for those, who are quite curious and andventrous. Here you will find many of the climbing, and tracking paths and find your way of enjoyment.


The tall mountain lake that rises at the height of 9,400ft from the ocean level, Mahodand, is also situated in the Swat Valley of Khyber PakhtunKhuwa. This lake with the cool water melted from the snow of highest peaks, is situated in the lower region of Hindu Kush Mountains.

The lake is quite long, which is about twenty four kilometers long from the Matiltan. Even if you have 4/4 jeaps, your vehicle tyres will be uneven. The road to this lake is called Saifullah Lake Road. Similarly, it should also be noted that this places can only possible to visit in summer season. It is restricted to visit here in the winter season.