Gorakh Hill:

The very first place to visit in Singh in our list is Gorakh Hill. This awesome hill is at the elevation of 5700 feets from the ocean level. Thus, it is among the best tourist spot for the tourists visiting the sindh. Due to this elevation, you will find the very cold temprature upto zero degree in the winter season. However, it is mild in summer season, when the temprature drops to the 20 degrees.

From the top of the hill, the whole view is very catchy. The top of the hill station is admirable for the travellers and tourists visiting here.

Kot Diji Fort:

In the khairpur city of Sindh, now named as the Ahmadabad, the fort of Kot Diji is situated in the Kot Diji. Now protected by the cultural and heritage department of Pakistan, this is a prehostric and cultural heritage. The fort was build in the late 18th century during the period of 1785 to 1795. The fort was build by the Talpur Dynasty, who rulled this area for a longer period.

The whole of the walls and pillars are well balanced. You can do a sheer scale balance here. This tell us about the power of the old construciton and architecture. The whole of the fort is very impressive that has the capability to attract any of the person.

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Something that we all have read in our historic syllabus, is Mohenjadaro and Harrapa. It was the center of indus civilization well about 5000 years ago. Mohenjadaro is located in the Harrapa city of Sindh. It was first discovered by the team of archeologist in the 20th century. In common, it is also known as the mound of the deads.

The whole structure of the city was well organized. The walls, rooms, roofs, carving, the paved streets and the other things are totally impressive. Even you will find that how the people here was well cultured and advanced then any other civilization in the world.

Due to improper preservation, the whole of the structure is now threatened by the erosion and other chemical and physical changes.

Frere Hall:

Situated in the city of Karachi, this is the best place to know about the architectue from the British colonial era. It is also managed and maintained by the department of the heritage of Pakistan. When you are thinking to travel to karachi, you must consider to have look at this hall.

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Kheenjar Lake:

Second largest fresh water lake in Pakistan, Kheenjar lake is quite impressive due to its vast area. Not only to this, but another thing make it more important. That is the shrine of the famous Sindhi Legend The Noori Jam Tamachi. He get famoused from his love story, when he (Prince of his state) fell in love with a fisher woman Noori.

In the Thatta city of Sindh, this lake provides with the very good scenery to the viewers. Also it provides the clear crystal drinking water to the locals of Thatta and even Karachi.

KaroonJohar Mountain:

With medicinal values plants, this mountain is enrched with the many of the special minerals. You will also find some of the myths and stories about this historical mountain. By now, the government also planned to set the water around into the KaroonJohar Dam.

When you visit sindh, it should also be in your list to visit best places in Sindh.

Chotiari Dam:

Near the Sanghar, an artifical reservoir of water, is the Chotiari Dam. It is provided with a vast and large storage capcity for the Water. You can say as the major source of water in Sindh.

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Faiz Mahal:

The talpur dynast of Khairpur – sindh build another amazing architectural masterpiece, Faiz Mahal. The whole details about the mahal are carved and listed on the walls of the building. This give a glimpse of the old history and the era of the workers working in building the mahal. An orchard is placed, where in sometimes there was a “Hathi-Khana”.

Chaukhandi Tombs:

Fully carved stones, the chaukhandi tombs are situated near to the National Highway, in the east of Karachi city.  Basically it is the Islamic cemetry of the Muslim living it this area. The graveyard is surrounded by the unique combination of the beautiful marbel stones.


The final place in our list of best destinations in Karachi is “Mazar-e-Quaid”. It is the tomb of the father of nation of Pakistan – Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Always surrounded with the people, this is a perfect place to visit in Karachi – Sindh.