Katas Raj Temple:

Punjab is amongst the most attracted place for the tourism. Where when we talk about Punjab, we firstly start our list of places to visit in Punjab – Pakistan from Katas Raj Temple. This temple is build as a fort and has attraction for the religious Hindus. Situated 16km from the city Kallar Kahar, in the District of Chakwal, in the city of Chua Saidan Shah. It is about 40km away from the main city of Chakwal.

Here a combination of seven temples called Satgraha is the main attraction. By now it is the newly constructed temple, however the older one was build in late 6th century. A pond of water is in the center of the temples which is considered sacred for Hindus.

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Badshahi Mosque:

Built during the era of Mughal Emperror, Auranzeb Alamger, in the 17th century, it is piece of art. Badshahi Mosque is awarded as the country’s second largest mosque. This mosque has beautiful carving on its tiles an bricks. Similarly, the color of the mosque is pale red. By area, it is the 8th largest mosque in the World.

There is a small museum in the for the tourists visiting here. The things that are quite impressive from religious point of view are placed in this museum. The mosque is present in the middle of the old lahore city. On the left side of the mosque is the famous Iqbal Park.


Minar-e-Pakistan was built in the Iqbal Park, as a symbol for the successful movement of the resultion of Pakistan. It is considered as the symbol of the Freedom. The resoluation was given by the father of the nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah on23rd March, 1940.

Just on the left side of the Badshahi mosque, you will find this awesome monument in the middle of the city. This place is also known as the historic walled city of lahore.

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Derawar Fort:

About 100km from the city of Bahawalpur, Punjab, there is a fort named Derawar Fort. This is the most magnificentlly sustained fort in Pakistan. In the wider area of Cholistan desert, it is the main attraction for the tourists.

The walls of the fort are quite high, with 204 meter of length of each wall and 30 meter of the height. The total circumference of the fort is about 1.5km. The fort was built by a famous Hindu Raja named Rai Jajja Bhati.

Noor Mahal:

Quite impressive, in the city of the Bhawalpur, Noor Mahal or Noor Palace is the top attraction for the visiters visiting Pakistan. This palace also have the history of more than 150 years. Sadly, in the year of 1999, most of the precious belongings to this palace had been smugled. Later these belongings were to be sold across the various parts of the country. However, thanks to Pakistan Army, who took the responsibility to restore the palace to its original condition. From 2001, the Goveronment of Pakistan has taken the responsibility of its protection.

This palace belongs to the Nawab Subah Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV. He built this palace in the memory of his beloved wife.

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Tomb of Jahangir:

In the historic city of the Lahore, Tomb of Jahangir is the attraction for the tourist. This tomb is situated outside from the busy life and hustle of the daily life. It reflects that all of the tourists spot in the Pakistan are not only in the urban area, but in the outside, in the peace of the nature. This entire tomb is a mixture of the beautiful landmarks and decoration. The Mughal Emperor Jahangir was buried here in the 17th century, in the year of 1627.

This tomb is located in the Shahdara, Lahore. During his stay in Lahore, the emperor and his wife loved this place. So, his tomb is built here, just because of this.

Khewra Salt Mine:

Khewra Salt Mine is one of the largest natural reserve of Pink Salt. Where it meet the needs of eating salt, it is a great tourist spot to fullfil the needs of the tourists. This place is nearly 245km from the main city of the lahoore. While this place is about 288 meters high from the sea level. Pink Salt is considered as the healthiest salt.

There are numerous things inside the mine to attract the visitors. Different art piece carved from the salt, and many of the different monuments inside the mine are mind-blowing.

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Rohtas Fort:

Just at the travel distance of 15 minutes from the GT Road, Dina, Rohtas Fort is a great attraction for the tourists. In the 16th century, this fort was build by the king Sher Shah Suri. He was one of the legendry king of Afghans. The whole building of the fort was completed in the 8 years, while the circumference of the fort is about 4km.