Gilgit Baltistan:

At first in our list to visit the beautiful and adventrous places in Pakistan is Baltistan. This is the place which is gifted with the natural scenic views. During your visit to Gilgit Baltistan, you can find numerous of the adventrous spot and exciting activities. If you want to get a lot much of the excitement, experience and activities, start your journey from the home town of Gilgit.

Gilgit Baltistan, in short GB is a administrative terriotry of Pakistan situated in the north of Pakistan. Here, you can find a lot of the highest peaks of the popular ranges of mountains like Hindukush. These peaks are topped up to the height of 6000 m about 20, 000 feet. K-2 also known as the Godwin Austin, 2nd largest mountain in the world is situated here in Pakistan.

The world’s largest popl Ground is also located in Gilgit Baltistan. This ground was created in 2010 after a huge land slide. While raoming in the GB, Deosai National Park in the Skardu District is another attraction for the visitors. It is totally treeless park, but it is rich in floura and fanna. This park is situated at the height of 4,114 m. The one, who is considering about to visit this place, this place is accessible only during the summer season. Skiing lovers, and other activist should visit to the Naltar Ski Resort. Here you can also find the fairy meadows.

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From rule to sufism, from warfare to trade, from social to economic history, Multan is the perfect mixture. It is among one of the oldest city of Pakistan and its root goes somehow back to 3300BC. This place is the witness of the glorious period of the Hindus, Greek Invaders, Muslim Invaders and many of the other historical rulers. The city also represent its deep root in Sufiasm, when a lot of the popular Sufi’s practiced their life in Multan, around 11th to 12th century.

If you are an archeology anthusiast, and want to know about the history. Multan should be your destination. This is the place, where the shrines, tombs and mosques reflect the postivity and rulling period of the Islam and Muslim rulers. By, now this city is the Capital of the South Punjab. The main language here is Saraiki. The city is also called as the City of Saints.

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TharParker is a district in the Sindh Province of Pakistan. This place has attracted a large amount of the crowd toward it in the recent years. However, it hold the historic secrets of the many rulling kings. Now the influx of tourists to this town is encouraging the development in this area.

Still a little of the area is well-developed, while most of the area is rural and people used to live here with simplicity.

If you want to experience an oasis in the desert, you should visit this place after the MoonSoon. It is influx of rain followed by the MoonSoon Winds.

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Kalash Valleys:

Kalash valley is particularly know for the beauty of nature, women and the language. Kalash valley is the resident of the people of Kalasha, who hold their own language, religion, and civilization. It shows the diversity in the civilization of Pakistan. Kallash Valleys (Bumburet, Rumber and Birir) are actually the part of the Chitral Valley. Chitral is the largest district of KPK – Pakistan. This place by its location, in the form of mountain surrounding helped the people here to live freely. Thus the people here are unique above all of the other people in the country.

The Kallash people own light-skin, blue eyes and vast waste. The are stunning beautiful. While the religion here promotes polytheistic. The people of the Kallash Valley used to brew their own wine, dance lovers and play the traditional musical instruments.

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In the Sindh province of Pakistan, the real archaeological site is Mohenjo-Daro. This place is somehow reach back to the history of 2500 BC. As per the recent deep studies of the elements found here, it was the part of old indus civilization. It was the the contemporary of Ancient Egypt civilizaiton and Mesopotamia.

This place in special was built on the modern infra-structure. There was an an efficient working method of water management. In other words, you can say that this city hold the most oldest but accurate water management system. All of the streets were paved. The houses made here were also built as per the grid plan. The featured publich baths show the urban planning and civilization of these people.

But still, it is unknown that how this vast and modern city get destructed. Around the 1900 BCE, this city was abondoned. While during the construction of a road, during the British rulling period on the Sub-Continent, this place was discovered un-intentionaly. From 1980, it is now declared as the UNESCO World Heritage site.  You can visit this place both by the private and public transport.