The Mall Road:

In our list to best places in murree, firstly we placed the Mall Road. It is the famous marketplace in Murree that has attracted a lot of visitors towards itself. Not only from Murree, but you will find the unique items from all across the country in this marketplace. This road, in common is opened at about 3am. While the people start roaming on the road, with yummy delicious food items in their hands. People love to walk here while enjoying the freshness of the weather.

This road provides with a full of life hotels, restaurants, and shops selling different goods. You can buy many of the unique handicrafts of Murree from here.

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Pindi Point:

Once you in the muree, you must visit Pindi Point. From Mall road, it is ath a distance of 15 minute walk. Here, the facility and enjoyment of chairlift ride is provided. This chairlift in actuall makes your journey more pleasant while moving from Pindi Point to Bansara Gali. The scenery aroun these chairlifts is awesome. When you are at the hieght in your chair life, you will found the attraction of zigzag road in the green mountains.

It is surveillance point of muree. The name of this place is “Pindi Point”. Because from this place, you can actually see the top of the two cities “RawalPindi” and “Islamabad”. From this place, you can also enjoy the greenery of the Muree Hills that are full of pine trees. If you want to have enjoyment with Cable Cars, you can enjoy them at this point with a total of the 1.5 kilometers distance.

Kashmir Point:

In our list to best places in Muree, is Kashmir Point. This place is situated near to the GPO (General Post Office), at the walk distance of 15 minutes. This place is a magnificent and all alone on one side from the hustle of Muree’s busy life.

Here you can enjoy and gaze at the highest peaks of the Kashmir Mountains. The climate at this point is always pleasant. You can also take a tram known as the Muree Safari Train from the GPO that guides the tourists. There is much of the entertainment in this tram, especially for the children and adults. You can visit the whole muree with only a ticket of 200 pkr or 1.5$. While visiting the muree on this tram, you will find those places where other vehicles are not allowed. In the colonial area of the Muree, you can also find the old pictures on the walls.

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Patriata (New Muree):

Patriata by now is also known as the New Muree due to its popularity among the tourists. By now, more and more of the visitors are visiting this awesome place on the daily basis. On the lower Topa side, this place is located approximately at the distance of 15 killometer. From new muree, you can have a chair life or a cable car with a ride of about 7 kilometer to reach Patriata. For couples and especially for the families, this is a great place, where you can find peace, attraction and nature very close to you.

During the summer season, there is no much issue of wait or anxiousness. However, if you are willing to visit here during the Winter season, you will see a great influx of the tourists here. Also, you need to wait for a long time. However, once in your journey in the Cable Car, you will enjoy a lot of the natural scenes and hills topped with white snow.


With lush green fields and landscapes, it is one of the favourite spots of tourists in the Muree. It is full of calmness. The weather here is very pleasant with mild coldness in the air. This amazing place is a distance of 13 kilometers from the main Muree on the Azad Kashmir Road.