Mousoleum of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya:

The mouseleum of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya (real name Shaikh Shahid) is situated in Multan. He was a great sufi master having millions of the muslims followers all across the country. Not only from Pakistan, but people from all across the World visit this awesome tomb of Baha-ud-din Zakariya. This sufi saint practised islam in his/her life, while spreading Islam to all others in the area.

Tomb of Shah Ali Akbar:

A very famous Sufi Saint,  Shah Ali Akbar highlighted to the path of the Islam. Not only to this, but he is a strong spirtual foundation with the true meaning of Islam. If you are in Multan, you must visit this awesome place of Walli-ullah. The tomb in magnitude is small, but has resemblance with the one on Shah Rukne Alam mausluem.

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Tomb of Shah Rukne Alam:

The land of saints, “Multan” is most popular for its sufi saints. Where you visit, the other sufi saints, how should you mis this master piece. The tomb of Shah Rukhne Alam is one of the highest tomb and its topography provides with the awesome look and scenary of the city. The architecture is added day by day with the history of more than 700 years. Not only a religious point, but it is a great thing to see the architecture and art from the history.

Fort Kohna:

With more than 2600 years of historic existance, Fort Kohna is one of the most oldest building of the Multan and Pakistan. Once you are thinking to visit Multan, you must keep it in your list of places to visit in Multan as a traveller. The total hieght of 40 feets, the whole building is approximately 7000 feet wide. The main purpose of this building was to stop the invasion of the enemies from the other surrounded cities. The protection measures were specially taken from the northern side and west side of the fort. This fort is situated in the middle of the city.

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Monument of Van Alexander Agnew:

The monument is build as a sign for honour to Alexander Agnew. This man was killed during the Sikh’s Administration of the City. The monument is situated in the Qasim Bagh. With quite revolutionary structure, this is awesome piece of art.

With a huge number of collection, Multan Art Gallery is mind blowing spot for the artists. The whole gallery is crowded with a number of commercial, and cultural life. You will see the hand made crafts and local hand made genuine paintings in this gallery.


Made with high quality white marble, Yadgar-e-Shuhada is tribute to the martyrs of the homeland. Located at Sher Shah road, in Multan, it is the most beautiful place to visit. Specially, it memorize the sacrifice of the soldiers of Pak Army, who laid their lives for the country.

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Chenab River Bank:

A great picnic point, it is the only recreation point for the people of Multans. Specially, during the summer season, the whole place become crowded in the evening time. However, the winter season is the best to visit here. The great benefit to visit here in winter is that you can take a boat ride to the river. However, when it comes to river situation during the summer season, it is too dangerous to ride a boat. Here you can have an opportunity to ride on the back of Camel or Horse.

Hussain Agahi Market:

Hussain agahi market is a merchant market, and you can ask for all of the possible things here. You will get surprised that here you can find each and every thing of your need. Just made a thinking and you will find it here. From shoes to clothing, from food to hardware, everything is available here.