One of the most beautiful and historical vallies of Pakistan, Swat is located in the KPK province. This valley is known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. The main valley is devided into the lower and upper swat. In lower swat, you will find the broad fields, where the crops like wheat and Lucerne are dancing. The towns here are flourishing and there are the gardens of different fruits.

However, in the upper Swat, you will find the flowing water of river, water falls, and the longest and oldest pine trees caped with snow. Similarly, if you are the one, who is intersted in the history or somehow like archeology, will find the old civilizations signs. These signs and sculptures are about 5000 years old.

In swat, you will find various of the sub-vallies and sites to visit. Some of the popular sites in Swat inlcude Mingora, Museum, Miandam and Malam Jabba.

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In the Hazara district of KPK, Galyat is a hill station with seven consequetive hills. With pleasant weather about the whole year, this is full of scenic beauty, hiking tracks and exciting activities. You can visit here by road from both of the Murree and Abbottabad. If you are in the Capital of Pakistan, your destination is about at the drive of 2 hours.

In best places to visit in KPK, Galyat offers with a wide variety in fruit. You will find pine, cedar, maple trees and oak walnut spreading all around. As compared to Murree Hill Station, this is much peaceful and beautiful. From three star to seven star hotels, you will find peaceful, fully furnished hotels and resturants here. For tourists, these resturants, provides with the traditional delicious Pakistani food.

Some of the places to visit in Galyat include Dunga Gali, Mashkpur, Ayubia Nationa Park and Chanla Gali.

Khanpur Lake:

Near Khanpur city, at the distance of 30 minute drive, Khanpur Lake is situated. It is a water reservoir in basic on the Haro River of KPK. This reservoir is used to supply drinking water to the Capital Islamabad, Hazara Division, and Rawalpind. Not only to this, but its water is also used for the agricultural and industrial areas.

On annual basis, the functions of waterborne sports an annual airborne festivals are held here. From several of the others activities include Boating, and Cliff Hanging.

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Another natural scenic place of Khyber Pakhtun Khua Is a Thandiani. This places literally means cold one. Moreover, this is the highest places in the Abbotabad district. You can reach at your destination from Abbotabad in about an hour and half. Thandiani is about 8, 858 feet high from the sea level. With beautiful scenery around the road, and different beautiful places to stop, this journey is full of enjoyment. The road goes up, when you move forward from Abbotabad city, and goes up to the altitude of 4000 feet. On you way back to the home, you will find the main settlement of Black-Water (famous as Kala Pani).

Saif-ul-Malook Lake:

Situated in the northern areas of Pakistan, it is one of the great attraction for the tourists. It is considered as one of the best places to visit in KPK. From north east to the Manshera District, it is at the elevation of 10578 ft from sea level. The only way to visit here is the road from Manshera to Balakot, and then from Balakot to Lake Saiful Maluk, while crossing the beautiful vallies of Naran and Kaghan. You can reach to this lake via jeep road of 14 kilometers from Naran. Most importantly, you should note, this lake is accessible only during the summer season.

With light green cool water, this lake is awesome. With cultural and traditional food, you can enjoy the boating here. In tales, it is also called as the Lake of Fairies.

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Lulusar Lake:

In kaghan, Lulusar lake is situated at the hieght of about 11, 190 ft from the sea level. The word “Lulusar” means Red Top or Red Lake. Here, you will also find the highest mountains of the Pakistan reaching the highet of 11, 000 ft. This lake in actual is a headwaters of the Kunhar River.


In the north west of Pakistan, chitral is the beautiful valley in Khyber Pakhtun Khua. The whole valley is surround by the highest mountains of Hindukush range. About all of the invaders to the south asia, passes through this road. Some of the famous invaders among them include, Alexender (the great), Mangol Cahngez Khan, Scythians and several others.

This valley consists of only a small town. A single one way bazaar is owned by the town. While the tourists can find some of the best hotels and resturants to stay here. From Swat or Peshawar, you can reach to here via the road through Lowari Tunnel.