Churna Island and Its Water Sports:

For the sea lovers, we place Churna Island as the first place to visit in Karachi. This place is only at the two-hours drive from the main city of Karachi. It is provided with the full tiptop. From swimming to Scuba Dive, from boating to Snorkel, you will find everything in this place. Not only to this, but it is beautified with the natural things. You can find the variety of sea creatures, fishes, snakes and turtles in its warm and blessed waters.

Mohatta Palace:

For art lover, we selected the best place, known as the “Mohatta Palace”. It is a historic palace of 20th century, build by a Hindu Prince in the late 1925. This grand building is now in use of the historic department of the city. By now many of the art exhibitions are made here. Basically, today it’s an art gallery as well as museum. Still, you will find the pre-historic, well sculpchured old statues. The whole of the build is surrounded by the trees providing a very fascinating scene.

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Quaid-e-Azam House Museum:

Karachi is the city of the father of the nation “Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah”. Here in the city of Karachi, where once he lived, is now a Museum. All of the personal things of Quaid-e-Azam, and the other things related to his life, are now placed here. Not only to this, but many of the other things showing the history of the country are placed here. If you visit here, you will absolutely admire the peace and scenery around the building.

Turtle Beach (Turtle Spotting):

Karachi bears a cold mild weather in the winter season. However, in summer, it is too hot in Karachi. But when you are here in Karachi, during the cold days, you must visit Turtle Beach. It is the beach, where you can spot, a variety of the turtles. The main reason, is that the turtles come out of the waters, to the sandy area to lay down the eggs. Also, it is a great picnic spot.

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Frere Hall:

When we are talking about the places to visit in Karachi, how can we forget Frere Hall. It recalls the ancient history, when there was no Pakistan, but a British Colony (Sub-Continent). It was built and designed by Henry Saint Clair Wilkins in 1865. It is situated in the Saddar District of the City. With cool and natural surround of the beautiful gardens, it is an now an art gallery. With ancient things, placed here, you can say it as a Musuem, that is representing the colonial struture of the British.

PAF Museum:

While talking about the Museums of Karachi city, how we skip PAF Museum. With old aircraft models and other things related to aeronautic, it is an attractive peace for the visitors. The building is crowded with a variety of aircrafts from newer to older one, planes, jets and radars. Along with the whole other things, some of the weaponory objects used in aeronotics are also placed here. It is commonly protected and used by the PAF. The old crafts, involved during the ancient war of 1965 with India are placed here. You can also find the crafts and models of the planes that were being used in the World War I and World War II.

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The Chaukhandi Tombs:

Chaukandi tomb is a graveyard in basics and is now protected as a World Heritage Site. Here many of the ancestors of the local tribes are burried. The most attractive thing is the art and attention grabbing via carving are showingthe typical cultural and old religious way of Sindh. This whole thing was established in late 15th to 18th century.

Quaid-e-Azam’s Tomb:

When you are in Karachi, how can miss the attractive and fascinating tomb of Quaid-e-Azam’s tomb. There is a white marbl façade of the Mausoleum. With cub design, very minimalisted designed Quaid-e-Azam tomb, where the founder of the Pakistan is burried. It is being inspired by the Samanid Mausoleum in Uzbkistan.

The National Museum of Pakistan:

From relics to sculptures, from paintigns to models and from at to culture piece, National Museum is one of the greatest museum in the world. It briefly showcase the culture of the Pakistan. Not only to this, but you can see here the signs and culture of the Indus Valley civilization to the modern one. Also, a very large collection of the coins is made here. Along with this, a very rare manuscripts of the Holy Quran is placed here.

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Tooba Masjid:

Locally, known as “Gol” in english “Round” mosque, Tooba masjid is placed among one of the places to visit in Karachi. With large domed roof, it is one of the greatest attraction for the urbans. With no ceter pillar, the large doom is 236 feets (approximately), is balanced on the low surrounding walls. In normal, mosque can hold the 5000 people all togethor.

Empress Market:

Selling each and everything, Empress market is one of the world’s largest market. In order to avoid rush, it is best to visit this awesome place, early in the morning. You can find each and every thing in this market. From pets, to live animals, from groceries to other households, textiles to stationery, and many of the other things, this is quite impressive market. The building was named after the Empress of the India the lady Queen Victoria.