Top 10 Traditional Foods to Try in Rajasthan -India

 Despite the fact that there are a lot of interesting attractions in Rajasthan, if you leave out its cuisines, then your travels will be incomplete. In India, the authentic saver of Rajasthani dishes is hard to find. Your mouth will water when you taste Rajasthan dishes made of rich milk and ghee.

Top 10 Traditional Foods to Try in Rajasthan -India

Rajasthan has some traditional dishes that you must try once in your lifetime. Here, we present the Top 10 dishes you have to try once in your life.

1. Dal Bati Churma

This is a commonly served dish that is prepared using wheat flour in Rajasthan. Combining ghee and round batis is so delicious and almost forces you to eat more. Taking batis and dipping them into ghee then enjoying the crispness of ghee with the crispyiness of batis.

2. Gatte ki Khichdi

With the addition of besan, Gatte Ki Khichdi is the famous rice dish of Rajasthan. This is the best savory snack in Rajasthan, consisting of steaming hot rice and besan. It is sure to make you happy.

3. Mohan Maas

In Rajasthan, Mohan Maas exemplifies what a dessert should be. The dish is made of beef, milk, spicy spices, and some other flavors. Combining the meat with milk and stuffing with masala spices brings more flavor to the curry. Lastly, a garnish of lemon and cardamom will enhance the curry's flavor.

4. Laal Maas

Non-vegetarian laal maas, from Rajasthan, is known for its fiery and spicy ingredients. It is the curry from this dish that will make your tongue burn with the hot spices, gravy of tomatoes, and the stuffed meat. For Rajasthanis, there is no other dish more commonly enjoyed than this dish.

5. Aam ki Launji

Rajasthanis are famous for the instant pickle Aam ki Launji. There are fennel, nigella and sweet mango in the pickle that gives sweetness and sourness to it. Pickles sauces like Aam ki Launji, ready in just a few minutes, are great for traveling.

6. Rajasthanis Chutneys

There is great popularity for Rajasthani chutney across the country. There are many different types of chutney prepared with tomatoes, garlic, spices, and other ingredients that are very spicy and hot. With rotis, dosas, idlis, etc., Rajasthani chutney is the most delicious. Kachri, Lehsun, Tamatar, and Lmli are some of my favorite chutneys.

7. Ker Sangri

In Ker Sangri, wild berries are used to make a type of pickle, named for the dried beans local to the region. Those local ingredients combined into a pickle taste delicious and keep you full for hours. After the pickle is dried for a while, it will have a fine taste. It goes so well with rotis.

8. Bajra Ki Raab

This recipe is ideal for people with weak appetites, especially the elderly. Although a healthy dish, it has so much taste and is packed with good qualities. Warm ginger juice, jaggery, bajra, and ghee will be used to prepare this dish. Bajra ki raab is a good dish rich in iron and magnesium and savors a glorious tang like no other dish.

9. Bhuna Kukda

Rajasthan is famous for its chicken dish Bhuna Kukda. It is a very tender and soft dish of chicken that is slow-cooked with all kinds of spices to make it much softer. In Rajasthan, Bhuna Kukda is one of the most popular dishes for chicken lovers.

10. Rajasthan’s Gatte

Rajasthan is famous for a variety of gattes prepared with rice, vegetables, spicy masala and so on. In the Rajasthani households, Gattes are mostly preferred during season or during festivals. Rajasthan is famous for its spicy gatte. Famous in the area are gatte pulaos, shahi gatte, and masala gatte, etc.


In Rajasthan, these top ten dishes must be attempted every time you visit. A spicy dish that is crunchy and salty will increase your appetite for food. Do not think that these are the only dishes you will be able to taste; if you would like to try more, you will find a whole menu of dishes on the menu.

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