Tangier's top 10 places to visit you don't want to miss!

 This Moroccan city is considered one of the most culturally advanced in Morocco, yet Tangier is hardly known, even ignored some. Tangier is a buzzing and colorful city situated at the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. Since its geographical location in the 12th century BC, it has been a strategic point between Africa and Europe. In its early history, this means that it was a thriving city during the Phoenician era from approximately -1200 BC to 300 BC. In recent decades, Tangier has grown and expanded over the centuries and today occupies the majority of the peninsula facing the Strait of Gibraltar.

Tangier's top 10 places to visit you don't want to miss!
Tangier's top 10 places to visit you don't want to miss!

It is a center of global culture that has retained its identity while welcoming many foreigners with open arms. The Moroccans are as warm-hearted as their country. It is a gold mine, not just for its discoveries but also for its artistic, natural, and architectural wealth. Here are 10 places you should not miss in Tangier.

The Medina of Tangier

The Medina is undoubtedly one of the most important features in Tangier. Although it might be one of the smallest Medinas in Morocco, it is utterly fascinating. Perfectly maintained, it shows Moroccan history and culture. To get to know Tangier, we recommend you go to the "petit Socco", where you will find countless local specialties in small traditional restaurants in addition to drinking terrific mint tea. It's equally important to go to the "grand Socco". I am very impressed by this souk, which is quite active.

Cape Spartel

Located some fifteen kilometers from Tangier, Cape Spartel is inaccessible without visiting the city. Tangier is located on a peninsula on the western tip of which there is a lighthouse that seems to be watching over the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is said that this is also where the two meet.

Initiated in 1864, this lighthouse is the first of its kind in Morocco, and you can find it in a few representations, illustrations, and tourist souvenirs, in particular. And for good reason, since it has become a symbol of the city of Tangier.

Cafe Hafa

Tangier's Café Hafa overlooks the Arabian Sea and is situated on the top of a cliff. Originally opened in 1921, the café has retained much of its 1920’s décor and has been visited by many writers and musicians from Paul Bowles to William S. Burroughs to the Rolling Stones. Moroccan mint tea is the café's specialty.

The Cave of Hercules

Caves of Hercules, a natural cave that is located in the Strait of Gibraltar, are one of the most prominent symbols of Tangier. Hercules, the hero of Greek mythology, is said to have taken the time to rest in this cave after a long journey.

Parc  Perdicaris

There is a little parcel of green parenthesis on Tangier's Cap Spartel road, which is formally known as "Parc Perdicaris". 67 hectares of this park front the strait. It contains a rich botanical garden with many different types of trees including acacias, laurels, and local Pines. It has marked trails for visitors to discover it in a peaceful and quiet environment.

Furthermore, many migratory birds frequent this forest during their great quests. This is a place you need to visit if you want to spend a little time close to nature.

The grand mosque

Among the most important landmarks in Tangier is the Grand Mosque. A place of worship since ancient times, it probably served as a temple to the Romans. After the Portuguese built a church there, it was transformed into a mosque again in 1684, when the English defeated the Moroccans. It was later extended in 1815 by Moulay Slimane.

The Mendoubia garden

“Jardin de la Mendoubia,” or “mendoubia garden,” takes its name from the structure that surrounds it, which is the Commercial Court. If you are in Tangier and don't know what to do, the Mendoubia garden is a place that you should check out. A giant rubber tree can be found here which is more than eight centuries old. There, you can admire local craftsmen by the Mendoubia River and even ask them to create unique artwork.

The Kasbah and the museums of Tangier

One of the most important landmarks of the city is the Kasbah, a 12th-century ancient fortress that dominates the Medina and the city’s port. This fortress stands on the highest point of Tangier, offering a magnificent view of Spain and the Strait of Gibraltar. It is a great location for observing two continents at once.

In the interior of the palace you will find an open courtyard, which leads to Dar el Makhzen, or The Sultan’s Palace, the last surviving palace of the 17th century. Today it is a museum. 

There is a Moroccan museum with collections of ceramics, art and artifacts. The interior of the building is uniquely elaborated with wooden floors and walls, and beautiful tiled wooden ceilings.

La place de la France

There is no place busier in Tangier than the Place de France. This square is considered the core of the city. Several of the city’s legendary cafés, bars, restaurants, and hotels are located here, which are known to have been frequented by artists from all over the world in the early 1930s and still hold their charm to the present day. The Place de France is always lively and contains the majority of Tangier's banks and post offices.

The corniche and the beaches of Tangier

With two seas at its disposal, Tangier has an advantageous strategic position, which makes it one of the most diverse beaches in the world. This is the ideal destination for those who seek an authentic and relaxing holiday in close contact with the sea and water sports.

Water sports like surfing and kitesurfing are popular on high-quality Atlantic beaches. The horizon is only limited by the horizon, and the sand length stretches for kilometers along the beaches. The beaches around Ksar Sghir, with their calmer sea and mild sunshine, are ideal for sunbathing and golfing all year round. Nearby villages add to their appeal and special character.

The redeveloped Tangier beach and the Corniche have recently become popular with people in the city, while beaches such as Malabata and Ghandouri are also good for sun and sand lover.

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