12 Food to Face, When You Are In Australia – Aussies Cuisines

 You'll surely find some Australian food if you're traveling around Australia. It's worthwhile trying some of it. You can get meat that isn't normally found in other supermarkets, chocolate biscuits, to traditional Australian dishes you will want to try some of which are disgusting in my opinion.

12 Food to Face, When You Are In Australia – Aussies Cuisines

Popular Australian Food

1. Vegemite

Those who are 'foreigners' most often discover Vegemite, and tend to hate it! Try it at least once, even if you hear people saying it's disgusting. I'd guess this is a very acquired taste...

Vegemite is what? It is a dark brown sauce made of vegetables, yeast extract, and spice additives that comes from the mash of certain grains. This is a bit like the UK’s famous advertisement of marmite, which has been so popular as they acknowledge not everyone’s taste in it. Australians usually eat it with butter on toast or bread. Avocado, cheese, and tomatoes are also common additions.  In addition to looking and smelling disgusting, Vegemite also tastes the same way. However, I think it tastes very salty, rather than syrupy. However, you could be one of the many people who love it.

2. Fairy Bread

You will likely find it at a children’s party if you happen to encounter this one. Simply spread with butter and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands, Fairy Bread is easy to prepare and a yummy treat!

3. Tim Tams!

If you've been backpacking through Australia, you've probably tried their favorite chocolate bar... the Tim Tam. The first time I had a Tim Tam was after a sea kayaking trip, and I loved it! One, and you'll probably want more, and I think you'll become addicted.

From a kayaker I noticed that the Tim Tams taste best when eaten with coffee, tea, or hot cocoa as you bite the diagonal corners of the Tim Tam. Take a Tim Tam and use it as a straw to suck through the biscuits. Before it gets too soggy, and disintegrates into your drink, you gorge on the warm, gooey chocolate goodness. 

4. Meat Pies

Next up, we have a popular Australian dish that is highly peculiar to Americans. The Amazing Race even had an eating challenge where the competitors retched because they found it so disgusting! How can Americans be so disgusted with foods? This is the classic Aussie Meat Pie! However, Americans are used to eating fruit-based desserts and pies as dessert, so I am a little confused by the concept of eating meat-based desserts!

In almost all corner shops, bakeries, and supermarkets, you will find a display case containing a variety of hot meaty pies to choose from. Various types of savory pies are available in Australia. They are usually filled with minced beef, gravy, mushroom, onions, and cheese. It’s also a great party snack and it’s so much better than kebabs! A meat pie in hand, sitting on the street waiting for your taxi, you end the night after drinking and dancing.

5. Anzac Biscuits

The Australian New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) fought together in WWI under the name of ANZAC. Australians celebrate ANZAC Day on April 25, honoring those who fought for the country during World War I. This delicious ANZAC biscuit recipe was developed during World War I and sent to the men at war by their wives. On long boat journeys, they could stay fresh for days. Yum! They're made with coconut and golden syrup.

The Australians will get more upset if you call these Anzac cookies.

6. Chicken parmigiana

Okay, so you’re not hearing anything particularly Australian about this, but it’s one of the oldest pub foods available. You can get a decent chicken parma for a reasonable price in most pubs during parma night. An Italian chicken dish called a chicken parma is basically like a chicken schnitzel in breadcrumbs topped with a tomato sauce and melted cheese.

7. Fish and Chips

Australia does fish and chips bloody well. Although Australians have yet to master the art of mushy peas, chips, and gravy, most English visitors to our country are skeptical of this statement. But since the entire country is surrounded by the ocean, fresh and delicious fish is almost a guarantee.

8. Pavlova

There has long been a dispute between the Australians and the Kiwis regarding who invented the Pavlova — ameringue cake base is covered in whipped cream and fruit. It doesn't matter where it's from as long as it's delicious! If you go to a bakery or a cake shop, you may be able to find a Pavlova. Many supermarket chains sell them pre-made (look in the bread or frozen dessert section).

9. Beetroot

While traveling through Australia, I muttered “Bloody beetroot” over and over again because I cannot stand it! I find it very unpleasant that Aussies use beetroot on their burgers, sandwiches, salads, and all over their plates.

10. Witchetty Grub

A Witchetty Grub is your ticket to get a real Aussie Bush Tucker experience. You get the same amount of protein in them as in an entire steak! These have been eaten by Aboriginal Australians for years and may help you overcome the gooey texture.

11. BBQ’s

Whenever one thinks of Australia one thinks of surfing, nice weather, kangaroo's, and barbecues. Although Australians refer to prawns as shrimps, they often say “Throw another shrimp on the barbecue”! The phrase is widely disliked by many Australians since they perceive it to be just another Australian stereotype.

Grilled meats such as sausages, burgers, steaks, fresh seafood, tomato, and barbecue sauce are typical Aussie barbecues. Sometimes salads are included, but it’s mostly about the meat and fish (and of course, beer for the non-Aussies). It doesn't matter where they barbecue, Australians will do it everywhere. A public barbecue is provided by the local councils at beaches and other popular tourist spots. You’re sure to have a barbeque at least once a week when you’re staying in an Airbnb or interacting with locals.

12. Kangaroo

Kangaroos are usually photographed hopping around in the wild, but they are also a food that is commonly found in supermarket shelves and in restaurant menus. The meat is a lean, nutritious, healthy red meat you can use in steaks, burgers, sausages, and a lot more. The kangaroo meat was delicious when marinated properly. With a delicious marinade, I strongly suggest trying it at least once.

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