Top Restaurants in Dubai For Deilicious Food Especially Indian Food

Indian food is considered to be the national dish of UAE, which is why there are so many restaurants here serving Indian food. Most of the Indian restaurants here serve the same dishes that are served in India. But Indian food here has been modified to suit the palate of these Middle Eastern countries, which is evident with the number of spices and the method of preparation. If you are looking for the top 10 restaurants in Dubai for Indian food, you are advised to follow these tips.

Top 10 Restaurants in Dubai For Indian Food

Halaalaya Indian

The first option for you is Halaalaya Indian restaurant.This restaurant offers you a range of curries. You can select your favorite curry from the variety on offer. You can also opt for the vegetarian option if you do not like to eat meat. The main course here is a combination of rice, vegetables, and dumplings. Of course, the main course is one of the favorites of everyone, as it is served before you have any other food.

There is Indian Biryani available here. In this type of Biryani, the main ingredients are rice, Indian herbs, clarified butter, and Naan mashed in a pan. The typical taste of this dish is that of buttery and sweet. But if you wish to try something else, you can order the Chicken Biryani. It is made with chicken that is cooked in Naan, along with a variety of spices.


The next restaurant is called Jamboree. It is located near Burj Al Arab Hotel. The restaurant serves various North Indian curries, and most of them come with Chicken or Tandoori Chicken. It is one of the popular restaurants in Dubai for International cuisines. If you have a rarer liking for chicken, then you should go for the Chicken kebabs, which are also available here.


Next up is Anjir Restaurant. This restaurant is located inside a shopping complex. The prices at this restaurant are relatively expensive due to the quality of the food. Most of the dishes here use boneless chicken, which is very tender. The Indian and Chinese specialties available here are mind-blowing. You can try the Murg Masala, chicken kebab, Paneer Seema, and various other delicacies.



One of the most popular restaurants in Dubai for International Food is Sarafina. They offer a variety of Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Continental menus. They serve exotic cocktails, appetizers, and desserts. You can also order their fish and chips to go.

Indian Restaurant

Indian Restaurant near Emirates Towers is another popular restaurant offering Indian food. They serve North Indian, South Indian, Tamil, and other Indian cuisines. Many of the dishes here use ingredients from across the world. You can order the samosas or the baked items to go.


English restaurant

An English restaurant in Dubai offers food that is light and very healthy. Some of the dishes here use coconut oil, as well as rice and grains, which are a good alternative to sugar. The dessert menu offers some mouth-watering desserts. These Indian restaurants are mostly located in the high-end shopping areas and are popular with the elite Dubai residents. You can choose from an exotic Indian menu or one that suits your taste.


Chinese restaurant

Chinese restaurant is another hot spot for those looking for Chinese food in Dubai. There are various types of Chinese restaurants serving different types of Chinese cuisine. They offer dim sum, cakes, chicken dishes, and seafood. Their buffet platter is filled with multi-course meals, which are excellent value for money. You can have dim sum, roast beef, spring rolls, noodles, seafood and desserts at these restaurants.


Foods in Dubai

Thai restaurants have gained popularity in Dubai over the past few years. These restaurants offer exotic Asian dishes, which are easy to cook and easy to enjoy. They offer many different varieties of dishes, which are made from rice, curry, chicken, fish, vegetables and seafood. You can have salads, steamed vegetables, stir-fried chicken, sushi, noodles and other exotic dishes. Some of the restaurants offer a variety of dishes, such as Char Kway Teow, Laksa, Pepper Crab, Satay, Chili Crab, Nasi Kandar and many more.

Indian restaurants have also gained popularity in Dubai for the last several years. There are many Indian restaurants in Dubai, which offer authentic Indian cuisine, which is full of spices and tastes great. You can try some of the best and traditional dishes, like Samosas, Curry, Chutneys, Kabobs, Rasam, Pickles and many more. Indian food is one of the world's famous cuisines, which is loved by people of all age groups.


In conclusion, you can find top 10 restaurants in Dubai for Indian food in the city. Most of these restaurants offer delicious and authentic Indian food at good value for money. So, what are you waiting for?

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