How to open a coconut? know to open both the ripe and unripe Coconut

Wandering, How to open a coconut? You are in the right place.

It doesn’t matter why a coconut appeared in your home - whether it’s a gift of fate or your own choice, but you have to do it. Although rather stiff in appearance, opening a nut is not such a difficult thing if you know which side to approach it from.

How to open a Coconut?

    How to open a coconut?

    If you want to open a coconut and don’t know how to open a coconut. You can open a coconut by using this technique. Of course, this nut is attractive and not known to everyone. But this does not mean that we cannot cope. The fruit of a coconut tree is called a trope instead of a nut.


    To open a coconut "like a nut", we need to store the necessary tools and follow a certain sequence of actions.


    Inventory preparation to open a coconut 

    We will need these things to open a coconut in an easy way.


    • ·         A hammer
    • ·         A nail or screwdriver
    • ·         A large knife or cap for meat
    • ·         Glass
    • ·         Piece.

    Do not be intimidated by the abundance of items listed. Some of them are interchangeable and will point if another item is not at hand. Which tool you use depends on how you open the nut. Strain the juice

    There are three dark spots on one of the "poles" of the nut. It would be easy to make a hole in these places.

    You need to choose the soft spot and make a hole in it with a nail or a screwdriver

    1.       Place it on the towel to prevent it from slipping on the table.

    2.       Put the nail in one of the marks and hit with a hammer. Calculate the force of the blow! If you overdo it, you end up with a hammered nail, not a hole.

    3.       Drain the coconut water very easily and punch two holes to lean the nut on the glass.

    Do not count on a whole glass of juice, ripe (brown) nuts do not have much in them.

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    We break the nut with bare hands

    It’s hard to imagine a Papuan walking with a carpenter under the palm trees. Coconuts have been eaten since ancient times, which means there are some "ancient" ways to bring sweet pulp into the world.


    The easiest way to open a nut is to hit it hard on a hard surface if you have nothing but your hands. For example, on a concrete wall. The right hook will give the desired effect if you aim: the nut will hit the most convex part of the equator by grabbing the nut. As a rule, a good blow is enough for a crack to appear. The disadvantage of this method is that if the gap is too small, you cannot break the nut in two with your hands and you will have to repeat the maneuver. If you are too strong, if you smash the coconut against the wall, you will not be able to enjoy the coconut juice - it will come out.


    How to open a coconut with a knife?

    If you are planning to open a coconut and don’t know how to open a coconut. You can open a coconut by using knife. If there is at least one knife, this greatly simplifies the matter. It is desirable to have a solid tool that encourages respect, for example, an intermediate knife, a hunting knife or a "cook's knife". You can use this to open coconut in at least two ways.


    Opens through the hole

    If you have already made two holes in the nut shell and drained the juice, you can open a coconut by starting cutting using the existing holes.


    1.       We insert a knife with a hole with a tip.

    2.       We hit the handle several times. You can do this with a hammer or use your fist.

    This method guarantees that the nut will crack, but does not guarantee the symmetry of the resulting parts.

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    A coconut was stabbed in the rib

    This way the “whole” nuts are opened and there is juice inside. The first step is to evaluate the "exterior" of the blade and determine which is heavier, the blade or the handle. Sharpness is not a bar because we will knock the nut and not cut it. If the blade is heavy, use the bare side. If the handle is heavy, take the knife through the blade.

    These are the steps on how to open a coconut;

    1.       Find a natural fracture line in the middle of the nut. As you may remember, this is where the bombs crack fast.

    2.       Act precisely and carefully: With one hand, hold the nut weight and continue to rotate it on its axis, with the other hand tapping this line with the blunt side.

    3.       Once a crack appears, slide a knife blades into it and pushes the shell slightly.

    4.       Pour the juice into a glass.

    5.       Now use your knife to loosen the nut even harder.

    How to open a green "drink" coconut?

    Green fruits are unripe nuts that are not yet ripe. In terms of peel density, they are somewhat reminiscent of a pumpkin, meaning the green nut can be easily handled with a kitchen knife. Enjoy cutting one of the coconut poles like a hat!

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