Can You Freeze Tortillas? If yes then How?

  Tortillas are particularly more delicious when they are just made fresh. But when you are all alone and wondering about an idea to store tortilla for a long time. Most probably for a couple of days. 

Once you got an idea, oh! I should freeze them up.

However, the question is, can you freeze tortillas? Too simple and sweet, the answer is "Yes." You can easily freeze tortillas and preserve their taste as they are just fresh. 

Can you freeze Tortillas?

Here are the easiest and working ways for freezing both the flour and corn tortilla. 

Act accordingly; which one are you going to preserve?

    How can you freeze flour tortillas?

    Flour Tortillas are much easier to store for later use. However, it depends on how much period you are going to store them? And which method is going to use to freeze tortillas?

    Don't worry, it's not rocket science? 

    When going to Freeze Flour Tortillas in Bulk:

    If you are planning to use all the package in one sitting, store Tortillas in bulk. For doing so, simply wait for the package to cool, if warm. 
    When the loaves are cool enough, freeze them as in the packaging in which they come.

    It will retain its taste, but you can tortillas up to 8 months by using this method. 

    When going to Freeze Flour Tortillas one by one: 

    Most probably, you are not using the whole package in one sitting. You are going to use them by loaves. This method will work best when you are going to use tortillas, one after one. 

    While moving to the step to store the light bread into the freezer. Cool them down to the normal room temperature. After this, open the package and slip a parchment paper in between each of the tortillas. 

    After doing so, simply store them in a side of the freezer. This method will work best to freeze tortilla for up to months. 

    How can you freeze corn Tortillas?

    Same as the flour tortillas, corn tortillas are also freezer friendly. Normally, on hand uses of corn tortillas are tacos, homemade chips & chicken tortilla bake. But here's an idea, why we should not store some extra corn loaves in our home de-freezer. 

    To store corn tortillas, simply use the methods listed above to freeze flour loaves. 

    How long do frozen tortillas last? 

    In general, corn and flour tortillas last for about a month. 
    if you store them properly, in an airtight package or jar, they can be easily stored up to 7 to 8 months as mentioned above. For this purpose, a glass jar or zip-top package is best. Which keeps them intact from the outside environment. 

    How to defrost the tortillas?

    To defrost tortillas, simply take out the package from the refrigerator. If you have some time, thaw them aside at room temperature. As usual, as they are thin enough, it would not take long to thaw them. 

    However, if you are in hurry, you can microwave them on low power. It will give you the result more quickly. Now you can use them, as they come fresh.

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